Smart, affordable office space near Oxford

If you’re looking for a smart, affordable Serviced Office you’re in the right place.

  • Serviced Offices: Purpose built offices from 230sqft to over 1000sqft – the space you need when you need it
  • Virtual Offices & Call Answering: Plenty of options & perfect if you work from home or want to present your business with a better image
  • Meeting Rooms: Comfortable & impressive with seating for 2 to 50 people in 5 newly refurbished rooms
  • Seminars, Workshops & Networking events: If you need a venue for your main event, we can help.

Why choose us?

  • Flexibility

    We keep things simple & flexible – our Licences are only 2 pages long making moving in, out or around the offices as easy as possible.

  • Quick decisions

    We're on site so can quickly sort out any problems and let you get on with running your business.

  • Reception team

    Our Reception team are ready to help with all kinds of things to make your worklife balance a bit easier – car valeting, dry cleaning, ironing, admin & photocopying, just ask!

  • Location

    We’re easy to reach - only minutes from the M40 and Oxford’s ring road. Why go through all the hassle of town traffic and headaches over parking when you can make life so much sweeter by being just out of town.

  • Free parking

    There’s plenty of free parking – no stress or hassle finding a space, no meters & no traffic wardens.

  • Helpful

    If you need to move to something bigger or smaller as your plans change, we help make the process as painless as possible.

  • Supportive

    A genuinely supportive management team who want you to succeed & grow.

  • Events

    All the benefits of being in the Monument Park business community…networking events, café/snack bar, recycling scheme, car valeting, dry cleaning, mailroom...

A bit more about us...

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...and Monument Park

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...and Hampden House

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  • Ground floor

  • First floor

Hampden House, Monument Park, Warpsgrove Lane, Chalgrove, Oxford, OX44 7RW